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A major emphasis within the Lanchester Group is sustainability. To this end the Lanchester Group has invested heavily in green initiatives and launches a new company - The Lanchester Energy Company - its energy division - to drive Lanchester Groups ambition to become carbon-negative, and the world's greenest liquor company. Already, the temperature in the Annfield Plain office is modulated by a heat pump, while solar panels make inroads into the electricity bills. Now three wind turbines are being installed on the hilltop site, close to the company's secure facility, and will generate as estimated 6 million kWh, against usage of 1.8 million Watts.

  • The only wine supply business to generate all its energy needs on site from renewable resources.
  • The only bottling business in the country to generate more electricity than it needs
  • Reducing the groups carbon emissions is a key part of securing the companies long term future success.
  • We are committed to on-going investment to constantly upgrade the infrastructure, efficiencies and quality of the facility and its operation and to improve customer service.